Monday, October 26, 2009

US House of Representatives To Ban News Coverage??

Anita Dunn gave great insight into how the Obama Administration controlled the media coverage during the presidential campaign and how the Democrats plan to control their agenda now - just as they did in the campaign. They spun their rhetoric for "change", they gave access for coverage ONLY when, with whom, and how it suited their agenda. This fact is true and documented. (How many of you who voted for Obama feel manipulated now?)

Apparently Democrats are growing nervous about how the far left's "best laid plans" are being revealed by the floodlights of fair and balanced reporting done by Fox News. A prime example very recently was when the White House tried to strip Fox News from having access to a press conference with "Pay Czar" Kenneth Feinberg. (Kudos to the other media outlets that banded together in a "one for all, and all for one" on behalf of Fox News.) The campaign is over (though the Obama Administration doesn't seem to know it) and the battle may now being waged on a new front. The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi may have joined the White House in trying to stop the "unfavorable" reporting of the goings on in Congress.

Hugh Hewitt reported in his blog that Pelosi appeared on Keith Olberman's program on Friday and declared that she plans to bring to the floor of the House this week a vote to strip Fox News of its journalistic rights of access to Congressional activities, saying basically that Fox News falsely reports what is going on in Washington or that it is biased in its reporting. (This vote, by the way, would not affect other new agencies or reporting entities - just Fox News.)

He also said reported in his blog that Mrs. Pelosi argued "That Fox regularly grants access to Republican Congressman to spread their lies and propaganda on their airwaves is a violation of the public trust, and their continued desire to challenge such well documented facts as Global Warming, and the efficacy of single payer health insurance, proves that they are simply doing the work of the special interests. They should thus be stripped of their journalistic access in the halls of Congress." (Whether this Pelosi/Olberman scenario occured or not, that would be an egregious abuse of power!)

Democrats have been given equal opportunities (and a few have taken them) to speak on Fox programs from the steps of the House and Senate to discuss their positions on certain issues. They have also been given many invitations to appear on panels and debate the issues, but most have flatly refused to do so. At times the Democratic leaders in Congress have even told their party members to not speak to Fox News. (Sounds like grade-schooler activity doesn't it?)

Why is that Democrats don't want to deal with Fox News? Is it because the Democrats don't have a convincing argument for their political positions sufficient to sway the public? Is it because they don't all speak with the same voice? Is it because their agendas are flawed - or worse, un-Constitutional? Is it because their intent is to chop away at our freedoms until the American way of life is no longer recognizable? Is it because they just don't like hearing some news agency giving both sides of the political argument so that people can be fully informed? Is it because they want only one voice to be heard - theirs?

Pelosi and the uber-liberals like her in the Obama Administration (including the President – though he’s too slick to say it out of his OWN mouth) seek to shut down any reporting that is in opposition to their extremely liberal agenda. This is an appalling infringement on America’s basic freedom of speech. If that freedom is to remain from now on, any such vote against freedom of speech on the House or Senate floors must never take place. If you ever want to be heard, or if you want to hear both sides of what is going on, you better step up – speak up! Just imagine the ramifications of such a vote!

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