Friday, October 9, 2009

An Open Letter to US Congress

Dear Members of US Congress:

It's obvious that you Members of Congress do watch the polls. You may say that you don't take any stock in them; but lately, there have been some hints in your public statements that reveal you not only pay attention to the polls, but you will go out of your way to find a poll that favors your particular political position, especially on the hot items of public interest. That way you can spin the media reports the way you want them and give validity to your actions which are in opposition to what most polls show the majority of Americans want.

Of course you know you were elected based upon your promises to represent your state or district in Washington and you vowed to uphold the Constitution of the United States. In terms of legislation, though, how many of you have actually considered the constitutionality of the laws when you either wrote or voted on them? In addition to upholding the Constitution and representing your constituents, you made pledges of reaching across the aisles and bipartisanship which have been but empty words.

Instead of keeping the promises you made which got you to Washington, you play stupid political games and participating in hateful partisan politic. All the while, the folks back home have blindly trusted you to do what was best for them. They never expected that your endeavours would almost entirely comprise favors you could for another congressman in exchange for a position on a committee or their vote on particular piece of legislation or sponsorship of legislation that would promote the desires of special interest groups. Instead of fidelity to your constituents and to your sworn duty to uphold the Constitution, you have become faithful to your "party". You have made a career of participating in partisan politics and political game-playing and in dealing with special interest groups. You haven't contributed to changing these activities. They are just as rampant in the halls of Congress as they ever have been, and in fact, getting worse!

But here's a flash for you! It's not going to be "politics as usual" anymore. American's aren't blind and they're not stupid. You can't keep on playing your political games as before because the people are now wise to the corruption of Washington's wealth and power and to your deviate ways of doing business there. Both political parties are equally guilty of greediness and both play the same political games - with each other and with the public. They see you talking out of both sides of your mouth, like when you stand before the media and say things out of one side of your mouth to John Q. Public and then speak out of the other side to your peers. They see that you are making deals in backrooms that are in opposition of what you just spoke in public. Again, it's both parties who are equally guilty of massaging truth to fit their positions - neither side of the aisle has a monopoly on this - and both sides are guilty of exactly the same highly questionable practices.

Since the town halls of August, Republican representatives and perhaps a few moderate Democrats have begun to talk about some of concerns that were expressed in those meetings. However, the old Washington way of doing things (the both-sides of the mouth talk) makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to be taken seriously by the opposition or by the public. So, when these congressmen, usually Republican, present the legitimate concerns of the people in their committees or on the floor, it's perceived as politics as usual - same ol', same ol'. Democrats considered it as just more whining because, after all, the Republicans "lost" the election and, of course, they would do or say anything to "go with the flow" of the public swell.

Therefore, Republicans, you have heard the people and some of you are truly wanting to get the people's concerns before the Congress. But those stupid political games that you have played for so many, many years have to this point made the legitimate conservative voice in Congress impotent. So, that has made you pretty useless, hasn't it? If you cannot be effective among your peers and your sincerity is in question, you're done politically. You have no value as a representative of the people.

Democrats, you have proudly displayed a double standard and double-dealing which is turning the stomachs of more than just the conservatives. You display your immense pride because you areriding a high wave with control in both houses. But your partisanship has shown that you don't want to listen to anyone but your own party and only those who agree with you. But Americans in huge numbers are saying something different than your own personal agendas. That is not healthy for this country and not paying attention to Americans and discounting them as "astroturf", not giving validity to their concerns will also cost you.

Americans are clearly seeing all the hyprocisy in Congress. They see how uncompassionate the Democrats can be when a Republican fails morally and how he's virtually and almost immediately drummed out of Washington, but people like Rangel can remain not only in their congressional seats while it takes an eternity to begin an investigation for ethics violations, but remain as chairmen of his committee for months if not years. And what about Congress stealing millions of dollars from the American people's treasury for things like personal airports and eco-bridges for turtles who can't even read the road signs? There's truth to the phrase there is no honor among thieves. Might we paraphrase that into a question: Is there no honor among Congressmen?

It used to be that people believed their representatives would bring change to Washington and some looked to their congressmen for truth and wisdom and some naively trusted them to do what was best for them and for the country. They'd vote out the "dead wood" and just get more of the same. So over time, Americans have become disillusioned. Their apathy has kept lawmakers in office - far too long. However, dear Members of Congress, your eloquent and loquacious words no longer have an effect on the people. It's your actions that are now being closely scrutinized (and reported on primarily through blogs) by Americans exercising their right to free speech. The double standards of Washington have become abhorent to the people, and mainstream America is growing extremely weary of the practice of political games for personal gain. That's why there will be a shake up in Washington beginning in 2010.

What is different this time is that many of those people who have always been apolitical are now becoming actively involved in organizing political groups to keep their neighbors and families informed of the shenanigans and conniving that's going on in Washington. This political activity it's not only going to affect Washington; these people are starting from ground zero. They are looking for candidates to get behind that have the same values and ideals they do. So, those of you reading this who are in local politics, the same politics as usual will not be tolerated there either. So, look for changes in your own towns beginning next year!

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