Friday, October 9, 2009


Probably most of us didn't know much about ACORN until just before the election last year. As we are learning, ACORN has its fingers, if not hands and arms (whole body???), into just about everything. If it's political and there's any money or power involved that they can leverage, they're into it. Just take a look at the organizations and individuals that are linked either directly or very closely to ACORN. (Click on the link below to see how expansive this organization is!)


And if you want to know just who really is behind the government takeover of healthcare?

We probably wouldn't have known as this much about ACORN to this day if Obama had not been the candidate of choice for this organization. It's as if they have overplayed their hand, meaning that there was a more blatant movement by ACORN to get people registered to vote.... and "quotas" apparently were the method of choice for registrations, even if they didn't exit or were cartoon characters! Uh-oh!

There are alleged voter registration fraud cases uncovered in several states involving ACORN, particularly in Nevada where officials have uncovered actual proof that the rank-in-file have been following a manual of instructions laying out how to register people. It describes a pay-per-registration program, which in Nevada is a felony. Some of these workers have already been indicted and in the Nevada case, ACORN is also a co-defendent.

Then there's the undercover videos provided by James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles in several of ACORN's Housing Corporation offices in several states that have revealed ACORN's involvement in tax evasion practices, their counseling on how to set up illegal businesses, and assisting in making fraudulent housing loans.

But we can go back years when Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN's founder Wade Rathke, was reported to have embezzled approximately $1M, which was supposed to have been repaid by Dale and a private individual. but kept quiet even from the ACORN Board. And he was never fired. (However, a more complete investigation by a Democrat Louisiana prosecuting attorney is now showing that it's more like $5M that had been embezzled during Wade Rathke's tenure as head of ACORN. It is becoming more apparent that corruption in this organization began at the top and has filtered down to the bottom. Thus far, the blame for infractions have been pushed off on those poor shmoes at the bottom who have been fired or charged with their misdeeds.

Just the vastness of organizations and the individuals who have ties to ACORN in either giving or receiving funding is very disconcerting. Just how much more illegal activities are there to uncover? The volume is overwhelming and extremely alarming. Thus, it appears it will take an enormous amount of push to keep the pressure on until this gigantic organization with all it's many, many tentacles can be examined and all the corruption exposed. But it has to be done! It's a HUGE start in cleaning up the corruption that goes on at all levels in this country.

Americans are getting fed up with the government pandering to special interests groups like ACORN and their turning blind eyes and deaf ears when corrupt organizations are brought to their attention. Most of the politicians are in bed with ACORN. And they have been lining their pockets with kickbacks and gaining votes by granting favors. It keeps politicians in power and rich. But if those who are expressing outrage at this point in time will continue to rattle cages and act upon their disgust, these things can be reined in, and we can begin put a stop to this blatant corruption which is pervasive.

As voters, we have the opportunity over the next 13 months to evaluate who is and who is not willing to take on the challenge of cleaning up ACORN and SEIU. At the end of that time, we will have the right and the responsibility to vote out those Congressmen who are sleeping with corruption. And we will!

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