Wednesday, October 28, 2009

US Allies - Growing Fewer by the Day!

Folks, it's way worse than lying and anyone - I repeat - ANYONE who doesn't know Obama is a liar has the intelligence of a rock. Our Eastern Allies, particularly Poland, have been victimized by Obama lies. Someone said in a blog (sorry, I wish I could remember who you were) said that everything Obama says has an expiration date. That is a kind way of saying that his truth applies to the moment only. He chooses to "remake" an outright lie into a semi-truth or spin the politi-speak into something that isn't exactly clear or accurate. (And who invented the word disingenuous? - A lie is a lie.... period!)

So, what is our global position now under Obama's reign? Rich Lowery has said it much better than I. Read his remarks at .

Mr. Obama not only lies to our international friends, he is systematically breaking his pledge not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year. He already signed a cigarette tax increase in February, and this tax could be as much as $3,800 a year for a family and is therefore a more tangible breach of his promise than most of his fairy tales. His Cap and Trade program (which has been renamed to a more palatable "Clean Energy Act" will tax energy and manufacturing corporations who will pass those costs down to the rest of us (so it's an indirect tax). His massive healthcare overhaul will increase costs (though that's not technically called a "tax" either - it's really a matter of semantics) on everyone because they are requiring EVERYONE to purchase insurance or pay a stiff penalty. The healthcare overhaul, again will cost you in either premiums or penalties - take your pick!

So, with the cost of health insurance (or subsequent penalty for not purchasing insurance and the increased premium cost if you happen to be over weight), the cost of Cap and Tax, the cigarette tax, the proposed soft drink tax and on and on, you can see that your standard of living is going south very quickly. So, where's the prosperity he promised for everyone! This redistribution of wealth.... doesn't seem like that's a possibility because all his programs are creating big hits on the wallets of the majority of Americans.

So, not only is Obama losing allies on the international front, he's losing his own allies right here at home.... some in his own party who are questioning all this flip-flopping on campaign promises... and many of those who supported his campaign are now having voters remorse. (I wonder if the tingle up Chris Matthews leg is still as strong.)

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