Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Healthcare Insurance – It Should Be Your Responsibility!

I really take issue with the absurdity that under the Baucus healthcare plan people MUST buy health insurance or face penalty of up to $1900 annually and possible imprisonment of up to one year for failure to do so. (Can you say, "Bought and paid for by insurance lobbyists"?) And there's NO TORT REFORM. Can you say, "Bought and paid for by trial lawyers?") The argument that the liberal idiots use for required insurance coverage is that automobile insurance is mandatory. While that might be true in some places, not everyone owns a car to insure! So, it's NOT mandatory for everyone, now is it? (Why can't the liberals use good illustrations? For instance, US Post office and Medicare is what they've listed as successful government-run programs - yeah, right! They've been operating in the red, well - forever! That should give you a good idea of how the healthcare system would be run, huh?)

In my opinion it is an individual's responsibility to either pay insurance premiums to cover their medical emergencies, or pay for the emergencies when they occur, or perhaps a combination of both of them. It's not an impossible idea. I have been included somewhere within the "middle class" most of my adult life, usually closer to the bottom. There have been times when money was so tight that I couldn't pay for some of the nice things I wanted. So, I waited until I could afford it; but I always had insurance to cover in case of emergencies. When we started our family, the health insurance we carried paid a flat fee of $250 for pregnancy. That didn't even cover the doctor's expense. So, we were on the hook for the rest of his fee plus the hospital expenses as well. Whenever we did apply for federal or state assistance, we were qualified as far as our income was concerned, but - and here's how it has been all our lives - we didn't have enough DEPENDENTS to fit the federal or state assistance programs criteria. (Hmmm. It's a little like trying to get your first job and being turned down because you have no experience.)

BUT, here's the difference in how we as a couple handled our medical situations: we accepted our responsibility! Plain and simple. We took the initiative to get insurance coverage, to save some money for the emergency, or else workout payment plans with the doctor and the hospital to pay monthly payments until the balance was paid off. And that also meant that we didn't run up credit cards for "stuff" we wanted while we were paying off our debt. We understood that the debt was our own. Not one cent was paid by taxpayers. Not one cent was written off by either the doctor or the hospital. That's taking responsibility for yourself! That's what it means to not be a burden on anyone.

And so this is how we have lived our lives for all these years. If we want to buy something expensive we either make sure we have cash on hand to pay for it, or if we want to charge it, we look at our budget and see if we can work it into the budget and make the payments (and not just the minimum payment, either!) - before we buy it. That's called being responsible adults.... that's what makes a responsible society.

Somewhere along the way people failed have to teach that principle to their children. And so the Socialists have been right there to implement their strategies to collect more taxes from the responsible adults to pay for programs to pay for the necessities of those who were irresponsible. It has been the Socialist's purpose to enslave everyone by making them dependent upon the government, and yes, people have played right into their hands by teaching their children to "get what they can, any way they can". People now believe that they're "entitled" to whatever they want whenever they want it, and the cost will be born by taxpayers!

Those who have become enslaved to government programs have taught their children that it is the government's job to take care of them and there would be no backlash if they took all they could from the government. And so that's what the government has been doing - to the tune of $14 TRILLION in debt at this point, plus the trillions in unfunded debt. And it's not over yet - or is it? I'd say that is up to those who want to be responsible and accountable citizens, those who don't want to take from the government until the government becomes the slave of yet another government.... otherwise, that's where we're headed, folks! That's where we're headed!

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