Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama at Joint Session of Congress: Portrait of a Liar?

President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress a few weeks ago, you'll recall Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst calling something President Obama said about coverage of illegals a lie? One thing Obama wasn't called out on was one of this "horror" stories of insurance companies cancelling people’s coverage in several instances because of reasons that were just plain ridiculous. One example that he used... well, it turns out that one of these stories he told was not accurate.

The story Obama told of a woman named Robin Beaton from Texas, whose insurer dropped her health insurance just as she was about to have a double mastectomy. Obama claimed in his tale that it was because she forgot to declare a case of acne! Well, that was not the truth - not even near it. So, if it's not accurate and it's deliberately slanted to favor one's view.... it's a lie!

Yes, Ms. Beaton did lose her health insurance right before she was to have a double mastectomy; that part is true, but not declaring severe acne had nothing to do with it. The fact is that Ms. Beaton had a previous heart condition that she "forgot" to mention to the insurance provider. She also incorrectly stated her weight. When the insurance company discovered these discrepancies, they opened an investigation which occurred unfortunately right before her surgery. The timing of the investigation delayed her from having surgery right away and ultimately the insurer dropped her coverage. Another inaccuracy is that Obama also failed to include in his tale is that Ms. Beaton’s Congressman, Joe Barton (R), intervened and got her insurance coverage back and she was then able to have the surgery that she needed.

Though he campaigned on "it won't be politics as usual", what Obama is doing is using old and tired scare tactics to get what he wants. He is using inaccurate information about the lives of individual Americans (while accusing the Republicans of spreading "misinformation") to sell his socialized medicine program to the American people, and using who knows what other strong-armed tactics to push his program through the Senate. What we are finding out about Obama's Healthcare Program is that it's not about getting everyone insured; it's about giving the government more control over the personal affairs of Americans.

We have heard him in one speech saying, with finger shaking in the air, that he wouldn't sign any healthcare bill that didn't contain the public option. Then when his polls began to tank and the town hall meetings bubbled up so quickly against public option that he began to back pedal and even denied that was his intent... that the public option was only a "small slice" of the pie. This is one example of where in his speeches (practically back to back) he has said the polar opposite - not just a hedge, but the direct opposite - of what was previously stated. It's a lie - and it's caught on video tape as are others!

What about the "no lobbyists in my administration"? Mark Patterson, William Lynn, Valerie Jarrett, to name only a few, have histories as lobbyists. Even if lobbyists didn't get into the "official" Obama Cabinet, they are in places of influence in his administration. They have the President's ear - at his invitation! One more lie?

Transparency doesn't mean "open and revealing" to Obama. What about posting legislation online for everyone to know what is going on? That hasn't happened yet. Instead, bills are rushed through with no discussion or debate, and changes are being made in the dead of night that no one but the ones involved in the insertion or deletion is aware of. He said we would know what was in those bills before they came to a vote - another lie?

The latest example of this "Obama transparency" is the closing of Gitmo. No, not shutting down the facility, but closing the facility to reporters who are now limited in where they can go and basically what topics can be covered on that particular visit. In other words, if they schedule an interview on a certain topic, reporters can't change the topic of questioning nor can they inspect the conditions of the prisoners if that's not part of the topic at hand. And why? Earlier this year, the Ouigers (Chinese Muslim prisoners) made signs asking if Obama wasn't guilty of the same violation of human rights as China by holding them there. Someone in the Obama Administration didn't like the negative exposure. So as a result, freedom of the press has been squelched, and Obama's transparency has hit a new low. (ACLU is even getting involved on this one!) Where's the transparency? Apparently another lie?

So, these are only a few of examples of the portrait of a liar who happens to be our president.

Let's keep the pressure on for real transparency and honesty. We need it more now than ever because so many things are transpiring that are changing the direction of our country - things that are happening under the cloak of darkness or behind veils of deception. We have to voice our opposition to the threats to our liberties, and protect our Constitution from being re-written into a Socialist Agenda. And we must hold the President accountable for his promises and his statements and demand the truth from him - and from Congress. No more lies!

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