Friday, December 11, 2009

Tareq and Michaele Salahi Attend Dinner by Obama's Executive Order

With today's reality show wanna be's, it's easy to jump on the band wagon of accusations when someone turns a public or media event into a faux pas. When, Tareq and Michaele Salahi recently appeared at an important White House Dinner, it was said that they were looking for publicity for a possible reality show, or perhaps a book, or maybe both. Adding to the mystique was Michaele's reported gushing to her hair dresser of her invitation to the dinner, but somehow she was never able to produce that invitation - especially at the White House when they arrived!

Well, that was enough to set tongues a waggin'. Who had allowed this "security breach"? Was it the fault of the White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers? Was it the fault of the Secret Service? The Salahis insisted they were invited and not "party-crashers", so who had actually invited them? Where was that mysterious invitation? Were these people really able to slip through the tightest security known to the US?

Here's something I want you to look closely:

Look at the expression on Obama's face. This is not his normal "formal" smile that he uses when saying, "Hi, how are you?" to people he's not familiar with. In fact, the expressions on all three of their faces suggest that they are sharing some intimate information.

Now, the buzz has been about how these people could get into this event with no formal invitation. No one is confessing to having any knowledge of them being on the guest list. Again, they haven't produced that formal invitation that everyone was required to have and they weren't on the list that had been approved and cleared for attendance.

Now, look at this picture VERY CLOSELY:

Just who is that guy in the center? Who is that man in the white jacket? Who is the blonde on the right? Hmmmm. This picture was taken at a fashion event in 2005 when Obama was a Senator.

It's obvious that this couple who are under suspicion of "crashing" a White House dinner event, weren't strangers to the occupants of the White House. So, if it wasn't any of the White House staff who approved their attendance, and the Secret Service let them it - it obviously had to be by EXECUTIVE ORDER!

Again, when you "hear" the campaign rhetoric from Obama echoing in your ear about transparency and everything above board, add this incident to the multitude of "behind closed doors, back-room deals, etc.

Face it, America. We've been hoodwinked by a pathological liar who lives by his own devised set of rules of conduct and propriety while governing by a totally different set. The old political machines of which we had all grown tired have given way to a newer, but much more insidious one - and it's rolling over us at an alarming speed.

I'm asking you to judge someone by their actions, not their words. Make your decisions based upon facts, not emotions. In regards to our national and even our local leaders - particularly the ones who have been in office a while - evaluate what they have done and are presently doing that isn't in agreement with what they have proclaimed they would do. Don't listen to their promises, because as we have found from this last election, politicians will say whatever it takes to keep their positions of power - and they have shown, especially this year, that they have no intention of listening to the people they are supposed to represent.

Remember, too, that all of them, including the President, are employees of We the People! Therefore, as their employer, we must demand that they do what we want - that being open and transparent - or risk being fired and replaced with someone who will. We will have a chance in the near future to drive this point home.