Monday, October 5, 2009

Social Security Sucks You Into Gov't Healthcare

Brian Hall is a senior citizen. He is suing the government over its current mandatory healthcare practices.

Huh?! We don't have a national healthcare bill passed yet, but he's got problems with government-run healthcare already? You betcha!

When Brian turned 65, even though he had private healthcare insurance he wanted to keep, he was forced by the government to enroll in Medicare. That meant he would have to give up his private health insurance which he believed was better than what Medicare offered. He contacted the Department of Health and Human Services and the Social Security Administration and was told he could not opt out of Medicare.

Actually what the Social Security Administration said was that even though he paid into Social Security for his entire working career, he cannot opt out of Medicare without giving up his Social Security. So, he consulted with his own attorneys and he's now suing the government for what he rightfully deserves - his Social Security check.... without the strings of Medicare attached.

We know that Medicare and Social Security are virtually financially broke or soon will be. Actually, Social Security will pay out more in 2010 than they take in. Medicare will be bankrupt within five years. So why are these government's entitlement programs forcing seniors into their healthcare program?

If seniors have the ability to pay for their own hospitalization coverage through private insurance, from a financial standpoint, doesn't it make better sense to let them do it and get them out of the money pit of Medicare? Why won't the government allow seniors to opt out of their most costly portion of their program, Medicare Part A which covers hospital insurance?

The answer is because with each person who opted out of Medicare, it would require the government to give up a small piece of power, and that would put a crack in their universal healthcare plan. They do not want anyone to be able to exercise their legal right to pay for private insurance if that's what the people prefer. So, if you ignorant enough to think that your private insurance will survive if a public option (of any version) gets into healthcare reform, think again!

Just so we're clear, there is no law that says any Social Security recipient must subscribe to Medicare, but some "backdoor" administrative measures which were adopted back about 16 years ago by these entitlement programs are what they are using to push seniors into enrolling in Medicare Part A -- under the threat of losing their Social Security. This current policy is a violation of the individual's right to make their own healthcare choices; and further, it violates both the Social Security and Medicare laws.

So, if this is a foreshadowing of what is to come under the ObamaCare or BaucuSCARE, then even if a "private option" remains on the table along with the "public option", policies have already been put into place that can be adopted across the board which will eventually eliminate the option to chose private insurance or to opt out of Medicare, thereby forcing you out of your private insurance coverage into a governmental plan for health care coverage.

This slight of hand, this political mumbo-jumbo (is it a public option or is it a co-op?), these scare tactics cannot be allowed any longer. Call it what it is. And if you talk to people about the issue, point out the deceptions.

People must be allowed their basic life and health choices rights without governmental blackmail. Go get them Brian Hall!

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