Thursday, October 15, 2009

More on the Healthcare Issue ...

Just a thought here: Let's say that the House and Senate can come up with a single plan and it goes to Obama and he signs it - with or without the public option. How much do you think that Congress can change that healthcare program between now and 2013 when it actually takes effect? The thought is more than I can comprehend just based on the "mind-boggling" actions Congress has done in passing these huge deficit inducing bills over the past year.

Right now there really isn't a single healthcare plan. There are at least five proposals out there right now. Some pet aspects from each of the versions will have to be cut when they put the different versions together - but they will not be forgotten. So, you could expect "disgruntled" Democrats to come back time and again to get those added to whatever version gets passed into law. This scenario is not so far fetched with the healthcare plan that is being shoved through our Congress right now and given how much debate is going on - even within parties. However, none of the proposed plans will contain the crucial elements that most Americans are adamant about - those being tort reform, capping drug and insurance costs, and cutting waste in Medicaid and Medicare.

No one is saying that malpractice shouldn't be litigated, but there should be some restrictions in place in such a way as to what constitutes frivolous lawsuits, time limits for litigation should also be shortened, and there should be caps placed on the awards. Drug companies should not be allowed to rob US citizens in favor of citizens of other countries to make their businesses profitable. The insurance companies should also be held accountable for running premiums costs up just to increase their bottom line. Waste in the administration of Medicare and Medicaid and fraudulent claims should be addressed and dealt with, too. And you know what? If these things were added to the legislation, that would be real healthcare reform!

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