Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Remember the Alamo!"

What other phrase can rally the hearts and spirits of people much as it did well over a century and a half ago. No one doubts what the battle at the Alamo has come to symbolize. The battle cry, "Remember the Alamo", and that is just what it was, conjures up emotions in the hearts and minds of people all around the world because it represents a valliant struggle against impossible odds - indeed, where men were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

As concerned people come together in groups around the country whether at townhalls or at Tea Parties, that same spirit and call to rally against seemingly impossible odds is very much alive today. Americans, primarily Conservatives, but which include moderate Democrats and Independents as well, are finding a new rallying phrase which is strikingly similar to "Remember the Alamo!" To the chagrin of liberals, a new battle cry which began several months ago is growing louder and stronger.

As time marches on, and the Obama Administration pushes this country further and further into Socialism, imposes governmental takeovers of every sector of the economy, and place limitations on basic American freedoms and Constitutional rights, it's no longer "Remember the Alamo" which is a retrospective battle cry. Rather, there is a new battle cry which is forward-looking. It has become "Remember, 2010 and 2012!"

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