Friday, October 2, 2009

Failed to Persuade IOC, Obama says, "We Played a Great Game." the tune of $1.2 M for the overnight junket says one report. If it was a game, the score was Michelle + Oprah = O says another report.

The Obama luster has been coming off of President Obama here in the States lately. Now with a "last place showing", which was worse than anyone anticipated - even it he hadn't made the trip we wouldn't have finished in a worse position! In light of this "snub", it appears that perhaps the loss of luster is happening internationally as well. In my opinion, there are two primary reasons for this last place showing. One is a weak showing as the leader of the free world, and two is his dishonesty and untrustworthiness as was internationally revealed with the Missile Shield about face. And so quickly, too, after confirming his support for the program.

As I and others have pointed out, everything that Obama utters has a truth time limit on it. It may be the truth as he sees it at the instant it is spoken, but by the next speech, all bets are off and he may proclaim the exact opposite as truth. We have found that out here in the US with who he's puts in as czars and with the healthcare issue. Will he or won't he sign the healthcare bill if it doesn't have the public option. (I bet we all know what he'd do!) The world got a real good example of his vacillation with his smack in the face of Poland and other Eastern European countries and his concession to Russia over the Missile Shield program. And I'm sure the world is watching him as closely as we are here, but they're not being fooled like some Americans are.

So, Obama is playing a game, huh? Okay. Let's play out that analogy just one more time. Strike one was turning his back on a promise he made last spring to Eastern Europe to not leave them without the shield, vulnerable to attack. Strike two is his inability to persuade the IOC to hold the Olympics in Chicago. Strike three - do I hear healthcare coughing? Do I hear a death rattle?

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