Friday, September 18, 2009

Who Is the Real Hate-monger?

It is absolutely absurd that people who oppose Obama's plans or the plans put forth by the liberals/progressives in Congress should be labeled as dangerous or that the opposition as a group should be called violent. In fact, the drama that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) performed this week in a press conference demonstrates the level to which some people will go to make their point - even an erroneous one. There is nothing on which to base the accusations she made. Nothing at all. What will happen is that the facts will undermine the efforts of the left and instead help bring about a coalescence among Independents and Republicans around one cause - and that is to salvage what is left of the republic we were given over two centuries ago.

In an attempt to elevate Ms. Pelosi's position in the political arena, Brent Budowsky of pundit's blogs today writes, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) correctly warns of violence and is now the most courageous standard-bearer for progressivism in America."

Oh really, where is there any danger or violence? Where is the proof? Where is the courage? What makes Speaker Pelosi courageous? As will be born out over time, Ms. Pelosi's position as Speaker will be challenged, if not lost, because even her own party is failing to rally around her. Polls have her in trouble back home in her district in California. Her "mis-speaking" (nice word for false allegations, isn't it?) on the issue of alledged CIA deception and "outright lies" to Congress, and now the "violence" from the "protesters" will continue to keep her in an unfavorable position. For her to label any opposition to what these uber-liberals are doing to take away American liberties as violent is beyond ridiculous and will only cause moderate democrats and independents to further distance themselves from the "progressives" who are pushing for such radical changes.

The danger lies with the "progressives" in that they want to create a new constitution, distribute wealth from hard workers to those who don't work, control every aspect of American life, down to and including fining people who have garage sales if they sell something the government deems unsafe - that is a law most of you didn't know existed! 

Therefore, here's the real danger - governmental intrusion into our everyday lives at every level! The real proof is in what legislation is being pushed through at super-sonic speed without anyone reading it, knowing fully what is in it, and debating it. The real courage is within the American people who have chosen to take to public arenas to express their feelings. By the way, shouting to be heard, carrying hand-made signs, and singing patriotic songs does not constitute a threat of violence! When as large a crowd gets together as did in Washington on 9/12 and yields not one arrest, there is no danger. There is no violence, Ms. Pelosi!

In Ms. Pelosi's little drama, she didn't give one example or instance of the rhetoric she's been hearing from the recent march or town halls that would equal the rhetoric and atmosphere of the instances in the 70s to which she referred. I rather doubt she really heard the people. But resorting to "emotional theatrics" may be her undoing. Just like when she accused the CIA of lying to Congress, she did not provide factual information to back up her claim.

However, it is appearing more and more like she wants to create the illusion that there are nefarious things going on with the movement she called "astroturf" as she did with the CIA. And again, it seems the proof has all been on the other side. For example, when you do things in the dark of night like slipping in pork spending to sections of legislation, or rewriting parts of bills just minutes before the vote - those are nefarious acts; those are dangerous, and those things are even cowardly.

As concerned citizens, it is important that in every instance where we write or speak or appear in public forums to express opposition to these radical changes that we do it in a manner that cannot result in derogatory or libelous statements from the "progressives"/liberals. We must stay calm, peaceful, yet forceful in our message. This type of action refutes their accusations and totally dismantles the leftist's arguments. They have no weapon to use against us, and therefore, they have no argument. They won't be able to label us as dangerous or hate-mongers or extremists. Instead, it will be revealed, as with Ms. Pelosi's charade this week, just who those people really are!

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