Thursday, September 10, 2009

ObamACORN = ObaMATH (a.k.a. the 2010 Census)

So, we’re going to have two of Obama’s pet organizations taking the 2010 Census - AmeriCorps and ACORN? Let me address the activities of one of those organizations and express why there should be some concern.

ACORN’s organizational practices are at minimum suspect. To say otherwise is to deny the evidence that is coming to light on several fronts. ACORN, however, is defending themselves against these allegations through public statements claiming that they had no involvement with illegal or unethical practices. Further, their statements claim that the blame lies with some of their employees, calling them “rogues”. This is an example of their obvious effort to divert attention away from their own responsibilities in these practices.

We have been given a wakeup call about how corrupt this organization is. A case in point -- in regards to voter fraud -- you may recall the 19-year-old young man who testified about being offered money and cigarettes to fill out 73 voter registration cards last year. He said that he had told the ACORN employee that he was already registered to vote in the 2008 election. In his testimony, he also said he did it because he just wanted to help out someone who claimed they needed a certain number of names in order to keep their job. He’s one individual, but his same story has been corroborated by others who admitted to filling out multiple forms to “help out” the ACORN employees who had been hired to gather names and signatures on voter registration forms.

If I were to give ACORN the benefit of doubt, I would say that at the bare minimum there has been improper training, or perhaps a complete lack of training of the individuals who are turned out to accumulate these signatures. But, it wasn’t only one individual gaining signatures this way, and it wasn’t only one individual filling out multiple forms. Take a look at this website and see for yourself.

So, this practice is widespread and has been going on for a while. It appears that with several people doing exactly the same thing in so many places that these unethical/illegal practices can only be proof that there is deliberation in ACORN’s practices to push through their agendas using any methods they can devise and get away with. And this has been confirmed by their own statements that the employees are “rogues” and it was their ideas to behave unethically or illegally. These employees have become nothing more to ACORN than pawns who are expendable if they become a threat “to the system”.

There is enough evidence of ACORN’s habitual wrongdoings that there will eventually be a full-fledged investigation of all their activities as well as an accountability for the billions in public funds they’re receiving -- if those who have an appreciation for fairness and transparency will demand it. Right now, though, those who benefit from ACORN’s practices are remaining mum on the issue. Are we surprised? So, at this point in time, we have to deal with the fact they’re not being investigated with the same fervor that other organizations which operate under a shadow of suspicion are, even those who have not been funded with public monies.

But we must remember that what is at issue here is the integrity of the laws of the land. What is at issue is equal justice regardless of political associations or affiliations. What is at issue is integrity of the system of democracy that we’ve enjoyed and which seems to be slipping from our grasp.

Getting people enrolled in the election process is a very solemn thing. The right to vote is a sacred thing to US citizens. As provided for in our Constitution, fair and honest elections are how the leadership of this country is to be determined, and we definitely need to know that the people in these leadership positions are truly the people that the public have been legally and duly elected. Stacking the deck in any way amounts to putting a corrupt leader in power through an illegal coup. It does not reflect the will of the majority and the result will not be healthy for the country.

The census information is just as important as voter registration. It is the tool by which congressional districts are drawn, how the numbers of congressional representatives are determined. It is how federal funding for educational programs, law enforcement, etc., will be allocated, and how economic policies are formulated. So, as we see the corruption in the way voter registration forms have been handled through ACORN’s practices, should we not be suspect of their handling of the 2010 Census? It is, therefore, very important that the census is conducted properly and honestly – for the good of ALL Americans.

It is crucial that the organizations which are responsible for gathering voter registrations or gathering census information should be above any suspicion of bias. Any individual who is collecting official information should be well-trained in the procedures and the importance of the accuracy of the information. It is vital that these companies and their employees should be screened carefully. It should be made abundantly clear to all that there are severe consequences for falsifying the information. And as with ACORN, the blame should not stop at the bottom rung; it needs to be pushed farther up the ladder - to the top if necessary. And for God’s sake, prosecutors should follow through if these companies or individuals fail to comply.

(Note: There is a discrepancy between what the “rogue employees” and the ACORN’s spokespeople say about how these individuals are paid. This is one of the things that definitely needs to be investigated.)

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