Friday, September 11, 2009

Cap and Trade Means Less Money In Your Pocket

Sometimes don't you just wonder if people really have their brains in gear before they put their mouths in motion? Sometimes some of the things that people say make you want to shake your own head and wonder if you’re really hearing what you think you’re hearing.

During the campaign, we heard Obama say that help was on the way for the hard-working middle class and the poor? He said that the rich, those are the upper income bracket - 5% of the population of the country - were going to carry the burden for the new programs in the Obama Plan to help the middle and lower-income families. We heard Obama say he wanted to take from the wealthy businesses and individuals and distribute their wealth to those who weren't so well off in order to "level the playing field" and to "make sure they have the same opportunities".

Weren't the other 95% of Americans also promised that they would not pay one dime in additional taxes? Hmmm. Do you recall the recent tax that was imposed on cigarettes? If you just look at the sheer volume of who is smoking cigarettes, you'll find that it is mostly the middle and lower income people who smoke. It's those who can least afford any additional taxes. Yet, it happened - on Obama's watch.

Taxes are going up. Hmmm. And it’s not only for those who make $250,000 or more! That income bracket breaking point keeps falling and falling. The last I heard, the breaking point was about half of that amount. Eventually, it will increase for everyone! Take a look at this:

Yep! He said it.

Regardless if Obama or Pelosi or Reid says it's not a tax on the people, the high taxes imposed on businesses like utilities will affect Americans the same as raising taxes directly. It’s all a word game and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that such a tax increase on utilities companies must be passed on to customers. If you'll pardon this pun, I pray the light comes on in the brains of those who are considering voting for this Cap and Trade bill, that they'll see the harm it will do to every American citizen.

I’m convinced that if Obama had stuck to a scripted speech, he would have carefully cloaked his words on Cap and Trade in ambiguity so that it would have gone over the heads of most people. But instead he makes it abundantly clear what is going to happen if this legislation is passed. Everyone will have a significant increase in basic living expenses because it’s a huge, costly program. And who will it hurt the most? The 95% of American citizens who do not make $250,000. Even more, it will devastate families who are barely getting by right now, those who are stretched literally to the breaking point, or those who are falling further and further behind.

Obama’s plan was to tax the rich to pay for his programs. However, when real numbers are used, the cost seems to have been quite understated. And I heard an economist say that if you taxed the top 5% of income earners (those who make more than $250,000) at 100%, it wouldn’t pay for what his programs. (This was figured without the Obamacare costs and without the Cap and Trade costs.) So, as far as no additional taxes on 95% of Americans... hmmm.

And let me see if I can get this straight. TARP I and TARP II, the Stimulus Package, the Corporate Bailouts, et al….the interest of which is presently paid with borrowed money - and these loans are going to be paid back how? Our national debt is now at $12 trillion. And we’re borrowing this money hand over fist. Hmmm. So, that means the income level for taxing at the highest rate will have to be lowered. Further, the enormous national debt will be rolled over along with the interest and will continue to be paid through the next two or three generations - your kids, their kids, and so on.

Now that we know it's obvious that the President's promise of no additional taxes on the 95% of Americans who fall in the income brackets of less than $250,000 is at best hollow, what do we believe when the President speaks? That a very good question.
When Obama has his guard down and speaks without his beloved TOTUS (Teleprompter Of The United States) or prepared notes, he forgets about keeping the political-speak going (read: lies). That's how we found out about his Socialist plan for the US. Remember Joe, the plumber? That's what he has done on this Cap and Trade video -- he spoke the truth. He is not simply mis-speaking; he's actually revealing the things that lie ahead for Americans.

And as far as Obama’s scripted speeches go, he oftentimes will contradict himself. That makes me wonder if he has at least two speechwriters who do not compare notes before he delivers his speeches. It might be that the speech is tailored specifically to the particular audience's preferences - he does like a "fired-up" crowd! Or, perhaps it's the current political pressure from his political opponents or even from his political allies, Pelosi and Reid. Whichever it is, he does deliver different positions on the same issue in different speeches and this have been caught on tape on several occasions - just don’t look for them to be re-aired on mainstream media (MSM), I can guarantee you they won’t.

So, it is important that we pay close attention to what he actually says, especially when speaking without a teleprompter or notes, and watch what he does about important, society-changing issues, then you'll have a better picture of truth. Watch who Obama surrounds himself with and what they’re saying. Then all we will have do is put two and two together, connect the dots from Point A to Point B, to see the path that he’s pushing us down.

As a fiscal conservative, I am extremely bothered by this excessive spending and being in debt. I see hypocrisy in Obama slamming Bush for $1.3 trillion in deficit during the campaign, when in these few months he has run the national debt up to $12 trillion, and has made absolutely no effort to reign in spending. We’ve got to stop the spending, and we’ve got to return this country to fiscal sanity.

So as Obama speaks, it is important that we take these little glimpses into truth revealed and act on it. We need to make sure that others pay attention as well, so that we will not be ignorant about his intent concerning the future of this country.

As concerned citizens, educate yourselves on what is taking place in our government. Make sure you understand what is going on, that what is being said is not necessarily what is going down behind the scenes in the Congress. For the sake of the country, make your voices heard or perhaps very soon this country will find itself in a situation so dire that there will be no way out. What you do with the information you gain is up to you, but I would suggest that you gather proof for your position, and share it with everyone you know.

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