Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obama Support Base is Losing Ground

For several months now, we have seen how divisive Obama's programs have become. We have seen how Americans, even those who were full-bore behind Obama during the campaign have come to view the government's recent hyperactivity as simply far too intense. Democrats as a whole are still fully entrenched in his ongoing campaign, but the demographic group that is influencing this shift in his popularity, as vouched for by Gallup and NBC/WSJ surveys, has been the Independents. It is they who are responsible for this shift in his poll numbers.

An NBC/WSJ survey revealed that Independents had moved from favoring more government involvement by a full two points in February when 46% believed government should do more and 44% believed government should do less. Today, there is a 21-point preference today with 35% favoring more government intervention and 56% saying that government is too involved.

In addition Independents also provide more negative feedback on the President's handling of several key issues. Only 35% of Independents approve of his handing of healthcare reform, 53% disapprove. 40% approve of his handling of the economy while 47% disagree, and they are about even on his handling of foreign policy at 40% approve, and 41% disapprove.

Most people will agree that it was the Independent vote that put Barack Obama in office. Therefore, it may be wise if the Democrats would pay attention to this particular group. They represent the largest voting block; indeed, they are the "pendulum" of the electorate and if anyone should be heard, they should. In these polls and surveys, Independents are speaking up in opposition to Obama's radical changes being rushed through Congress. In that, they are in alignment more with Conservatives on key issues. Together, they have the power to end his "reign" with a four-year term.

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