Friday, September 25, 2009

ObamaCare Is Now BaucuSCARE...

BaucuSCARE.... I enjoy good puns, and this one would be amusing if it didn't cut into the heart of the matter. Obamacare is becoming Baucus "scare" (a.k.a. BaucusCare). A former aide of Baucus' who is now in the Health and Human Services Central Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is the one who is actually pushing this issue against Humana on behalf of Senator Baucus.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, one of my favorite Libertarians and who knows our Constitution very well, says that the US Constitution recognizes a corporation's right to free speech is the same as an individual's. Thus, corporations can speak as freely about ObamaCare or BaucuSCARE as they want. He suggests that the CMS should essentially take their gag order and rip it up because it’s absurd, and he also feels that it should be an open and shut case for Humana if CMS pursues it.

Judge Napolitano said that the taxpayers will probably end up paying for the prosecutors' portion of this frivolous lawsuit if it goes forward. Since it's such a basic Constitutional issue that is under attack, I am inclined to believe it would be worth it to spend some of my tax dollars on a case like this where once again our Constitutionally-granted individual rights can be validated in our courts and clearly establish a precedent. I would just consider it another strike against the fascist philosophy of the Obama Administration.

At last report, the government (CMS) is still using threats of legal actions against Humana and others to squelch any opposition to Senator Baucus' bill. And why? Because basically that bill is all that's keeping the Obama Administration from fundamentally changing healthcare for all Americans. But censorship isn’t coming only from the CMS office, as evidenced in a televised video of a Senate Finance Committee hearing on Baucus' bill yesterday. Rep. Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona was trying to make a point during his allotted time for debate and was repeatedly interrupted by Chairman Baucus in an obvious attempt to run out Kyl's allotted time. So, it is politics as usual? Indeed!

The government has taken control of the biggest banks, the automobile industry, and healthcare is another huge slice of the economic pie it wants to control. So, I guess it is no wonder that Senator Baucus has reason to try to squelch any debate on his healthcare plan. However, the longer that the bill takes to pass, the more truth comes out and the more Moderates and Conservatives have reason to object to it. The summer town halls meetings on healthcare have ended, but the resistance must remain strong until the questions are answered and the right solutions for reform can be brought to the forefront for discussion.

What has got the Democrats such as Baucus on the defensive to the point that they won't allow any discussion from the opposition is that the Conservatives, and even Moderates, are finally (when given the chance) asking some of the questions that the people in the town halls from this summer asked. Some answers are coming out which reveal some real negatives about the proposed plans that most Americans don't like. The Democrats' reluctance to discuss these issues is obvious validity to the concerns of the people which need to be addressed before there is any vote on the proposed bills.

Determined Obamacrats are watching their poll numbers going down in most cases. They are growing fearful of losing their seats in 2010 and 2012! GOOD! And the Republican may use any "success" in this healthcare reform battle as a "tool" in their attempt to regain the Senate, and/or the House in 2010 and 2012. But they need to worry as well. At those times, the issue of people's trust of their representation will be what matters most. But what is important right now is that they are asking the hard questions that have needed to be answered all along.

We know that the Obama Administration's strategy is to overwhelm the system in their efforts to push through their agendas. And while healthcare is an extremely important issue, and they're pushing for all they're worth, they are waging wars in other areas. We can't be distracted from other important battles going on other fronts such as the preservation of our first amendment rights. We need to respond quickly and decisively, and keep the pressures on until Congress listens and represents the will of the people.

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