Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Barack Obama Prayers

I found the following video on Michelle Malkin's Blog at http://bit.ly/tsUPL.  (She also has some history on this organization).  Whether they're saying Obama or Oh, God, I'll let you decide. But with this group's history I would not be taken by surprise.  There have been rumblings of this type of worship since Obama's campaign started.  I recall a similar instance being filmed at an ACORN meeting where he was declared "a savior".  I dare say that there are many more groups and organizations like this that are of the same mind and emotion. 

However, after doing a little more reading about this incident, I found someone who expressed my opinion as well as I could - and maybe better since she's a professional journalist - Judi McLeod with the Canada Free Press, who also includes this video.  If you care to read her wonderful response:  http://tinyurl.com/y8hagjp

To her article, I say "AMEN!"

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