Sunday, August 30, 2009

Townhall Fever Pitch No Longer As Hot?

It appears that the "volume" of the townhalls has quieted down somewhat. In their struggle to find some way to stop the movement that the Democrats have called "astroturf", some of them are not even holding townhall meetings. Some Democrats are requiring photo IDs before allowing people into their townhall meetings. Some are changing their venues at the last minute and sending out invitations with the location and time, making it virtually "By Invitation Only". Some are filling the front of the rooms with planted "friendly" constituents or staffers, and some of attendees have been well identified as SEIU or ACORN who are being shuttled into the rooms through side entries before the doors are open to the public, all in an attempt to quell the "rowdiness" that was demonstrated by frustrated Conservatives, moderate Democrats, and informed Independents.

Have these tactics been effective? I believe that they have been as we see the Dems scurring to counteract what's been happening. However, the Rassmussen Polls are showing that the support of the Healthcare bill is longer falling. In fact, the numbers have been static for the last couple weeks. There has also been much said in the media about the Democrats ramming through this legislation through under the Resolution of Ratification measure. (If they do, they'll be using a procedure in an unconstitutional way.) My concern at present is that perhaps some of the "fire in the belly" of the conservatives has been extinguished or been replaced with the feeling of helplessness, in part because of this threat. We must not let these radicals and their moderate "sheep" intimidate us. That was our past. That's what got us where we are today. We must keep the pressure on.

Be encouraged. Most Americans are still opposed to the healthcare plan. Sixty-two percent say they have a better idea on how to spend tax money than Congress does. Seventy percent say they favor fewer services and lower taxes. Sixty-four percent have an unfavorable opinion of Nancy Pelosi, and Obama's and Harry Reid's are falling precipitously as well. Only 36 % approve of Eric Holder appointing a special prosecutor to investigation the CIA interrogation of the terrorists and 54% say that his persistence in doing this is harmful to our nation's security. (By the way, who's driving that bus? Is Obama speaking out of both of his faces?) And finally, somewhat surprisingly, 55% now say that closing Guantanamo is a bad idea. But we knew that all along, didn't we? So, it does appear that our voices are being reflected in the polls. And we know that Washington thrives on polls.

I understand that it's difficult to feel passionately about something, to take the effort to make a public stand, and then to find yourself ridiculed, ignored, slandered, and maligned by the very people we sent to Washington, DC to represent our wishes. Perhaps that's why many of us who are now speaking out have not done so in the past. We were intimidated. However, now is not the time to become intimidated by their threat to ram this piece of legislation down our throats through this "backdoor trick" called Resolution of Ratification. Democrats have been crying "foul" over the opposition to the healthcare bill. But their threat of ramming it though in this manner prompts me to ask, truly where is the foul? Now is definitely not the time to quiet our outcries or to soften our rhetoric or stay home from rallies or townhall meetings.

Perhaps the Democrats have found a way to "quiet" the crowds at the townhalls, but that doesn't mean that the conservative voice of reason cannot still be heard as loud and clear as possible. In fact, it must be heard if this nation is to survive. Remember, we have the power of the vote and the thing that these professional politicians want more than for the healthcare bill to pass is to remain in office. Therefore, we must follow through in the next election and allow them their right to rejoin the masses.

There still are other issues that we must watch for and speak out on as well. If your Senators or Representatives have already held their townhall meetings in your area, begin to organize an effort to be heard on other issues, for instance, the Cap and Trade (aka, Cap and Tax). This is a mean tax which will affect everyone at all levels of the socio-economic scale. We need to be heard on this bill as well as the others that are pending in the House and Senate.

And while we're speaking out, let's not be silent on the Czars issue. I believe that a fifth grader would know that this layer of "officials" is unconstitutional. Why are our senators and representatives sitting on their hands with their mouths silent? Are they not "smarter than a fifth grader"? How and why have they been allowed to be put into position with no questions, no accountability? What has happened to our constitutional system of checks and balances? We cannot allow this to continue. In fact, we must speak up now and put a stop to this before it becomes the new "format" for our government!

So, if you are losing heart that you're not being heard by your Senators or Representatives, write them letters. Email is easy, a phone call is only a little more difficult. But to really get their attention, write a handwritten note simply stating your position or concerns on all these issues. This carries much more weight with them than any other form of contact. In fact, it multiplies the effect of your communication by about 15 times! So, write a hand-written note! Let your "voice" be heard and really count, over and over and over! Don't lower your voice. Don't quit showing up at townhalls and rallies. But do write those notes.... these written questions and concerns are not "shut out" by the "invited" SEIU and ACORN people showing up on buses!

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