Thursday, August 20, 2009

Handwriting on the Wall!

Okay, so the naysayers will soon have the chance to eat their words. Remember when the present administration in Washington decided to "buy into" AIG, GM, Chrysler, and the Banks. Remember when they began bypassing boards of directors and removing CEOs and putting in their own choices? Remember when salaries and bonuses of these and other CEOs was set by the government? Remember when some of these businesses were told to buyout another company at certain prices? Remember when there was a swell of outcry about government meddling beyond the point they should in the operational issues of these companies? Remember?

How unfortunate that this administration is so very good at distraction! They have a well-planned agenda -- of agendas, if you will. The main agenda is to leave no stone unturned in regard to the American way of life at was before January 2009. So, the only way to make sure that they can turn all the stones over is to distract any who would object to one particular stone being turned by turning over two or more at the same time. They have picked their agendas, their stones with care, and have an effective strategy to accomplish this. If the outcry gets loud on this one stone, then move to another which will cause a louder outcry to distract from the first while you continue overturning it. And it's working! God help us, it's working.

Representative Henry Waxman has now sent out a strongly worded letter to the largest insurance carriers in the country demanding that they give finite details of their operations by September 4. All of the information regarding profits, taxes, and government compliances is public record, but that's not what he wants. He wants to know the details of their business plans, who their competition is, their customers, their advertising strategies, and more. Now, I believe the reason for this is one of two things. First, it could be just that he expects the government to be in charge of all insurance coverage with this healthcare reform and he just wants to get a jump on things. Or, he's planning to use this information to promote the differences between a government insurance coverage versus private insurers. Yeah, right!

I dare to imagine that it's perhaps to get some information with which he can vilify insurance companies since the mantra of the liberals is now "Insurance Reform" instead of "Healthcare Reform". But what is more frightening to me is that this man has subpoena power that he can use to intimidate these companies. That's an abuse of power at an elemental level. There isn't another logical reason that I can concoct for his actions and he, of course, hasn't explained his rationale. No surprise!

And we thought (and were assured) that the government was not interested in becoming involved with any businesses which did not take TARP money. Sure, sure they're not! Until they have upturned every aspect of private anything in this country they will not stop. So I ask: is there a liberal out there, more specifically, is there a politician out there that will every tell a complete truth? I believe the answer is a resounding "no!" Is there hope that some common sense will be restored to this country? I certainly pray so!

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