Thursday, August 6, 2009

America Has a Long-Term Memory Problem

In regard to making a change in the politics of our country, there is something that bugs me about Americans. And that is they like to whine about situations... nothing more, just whine! Whichever party is in power, everything is their fault.

But what that really bugs me is that people have such short memories when it comes to following up at election time. Oh, they get upset or angry in the moment and threaten to make a difference when the time comes to "vote the bums out" -- but do they follow through with their threats? Never! Rather, they get wrapped up emotionally in the most current issue(s) of the moment when making their decisions, forgetting that these issues which have been brought to the forefront at that particular moment are only a portion of the greater problem. And most often, it's the same issues that have been with us since the early days of our country.

Why do we not follow through? Is it because we're a "forgiving" nation? I'm all for being forgiving, but I personally adhere to the saying, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." So, I forgive.... but I don't forget. Or, could it be that we just expect people in Congress to change? Perhaps it's both. Will people actually change? Well, no they won't. They adjust or re-adjust, but they don't change. And if they're left alone out of the spotlight, so to speak, and are shielded for a while from the pressures that predicated the adjustments, they regress. So, since this is the pattern of human nature, we need to become mindful that making a difference in our politics requires being determined to follow through when the time comes to exercise our only avenue for change. Let's not be hoodwinked by sweet, but empty promises, a winning smile, or eloquent speeches.

Soon, some of us will have an opportunity to have our say when we cast ballots next year in local elections. It will be a time for actions to line up with words. It will be a time to be heard. It will be a chance to create a real change for this nation. That is, if we will remember to follow through.

If we cannot get a law through to limit terms for our elected officials, our votes can limit them. Vote those out of office who are not listening to the wishes of the people they represent. Vote those out of office who sell their votes to gain favors for their own benefit. Vote those out of office who vote along party lines because of a party label only. To make the difference, to get the kind of change we really want in our country, we must begin requiring our senators and congressmen to actually represent us and our best interests and not special interests of a small group of people or organizations or face us at the ballot box.

So, put up or shut up! When the time comes to make your voice heard, don't let the issues of the moment cause you to whine and complain and forget what it is you must do to begin to change the situation we are finding our country is in. Don't vote based on personality or looks, or God forbid--- just because of a political party label....follow through and vote the bums out!

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