Thursday, August 6, 2009

Loud-Mouth Liberals and Screaming Conservatives

I've never really thought I'd become a blogger, but as I sit here day in and day out feeling that my voice has become so weak and low that no one can hear me, and believing I have something valid to say, I decided that perhaps a blog was a good way to communicate even if with an unseen world who may or may not care. That is of unimportance to me. What is important is that I interject into the tangible what is intangible -- my thoughts, those things which left unsaid seem to bounce around in my mind doing their best to get out and be expressed. So it is mostly for my own benefit that I'm allowing these thoughts an avenue of escape in order that new thoughts have room to enter and to develop.

So, here goes.

I listen to the media and here's what I'm hearing. One side with "rehearsed" rhetoric about what they are wanting to achieve while their window of opportunity is open. The other side is crying out to be recognized as an alternative to the other side, but they don't speak with a single voice or express a unified idea. Both sides have become so vocal, that no one is listening. While I have a particular opinion of which side I believe is right, that's not what I want to address here. What I am most concerned about is the viciousness that I'm seeing, where the game rules of one side, when adopted by the other, are denounced as foul. That's hardly the way our country is supposed to be run. Each side is supposed to have a fair and equal say. It is up to us as intelligent individuals to make our own decision as to which view we agree with.

Now, here's where I'll reveal more about which side I'm on. I'm on the side of reason, the side of what is right and fair, the side that gives the best solution to the masses - and not just for what benefits a few or certain groups based on a few people's ideology. I'm on the side that does not seek power to force their own agenda on the people. I'm on the side that believes that every person should be heard. I'm on the side that believes that there is a higher power that ordained this country to be great as long as it held to its foundational principals.

So, there. Where on the political scale do I fall? You figure it out.

I'm tired of professional politicians. I'm tired of liars, of no one caring enough or having enough fortitude to speak the truth or act truthfully and honestly in their business dealings or in their representation of their constituents. I think politicians have forgotten that they were given an assignment to represent their constituents. Somehow, they have decided that they know more than the folks back home and are self-proclaimed "governors" of the people... and not just those from their respective states. I'm tired of the endless depth of corruption in our political leaders and our business leadership. I believe that politicians should have term limits. I also believe that corporate executives should be compensated fairly based upon their responsibilities and experience and their bonuses should be tied directly to their company's performance.

I am not registered with any political party. I have voted for both Republican and Democrat, depending upon how I felt about the candidates ability to lead this country in the way our founding fathers intended. Oftentimes, though, it's been to select a lesser of two evils. There have been times when I wish I didn't have to vote. Yes, I said "have to". I believe that if I stop voting and you stop voting then there won't be an election, but a proclamation.... Welcome to dictatorship.

But I cannot accept that. I hope you cannot accept that. I hope that you are intelligent enough to not have someone else do your thinking for you. I hope that you won't let someone put words in your mouth or thoughts in your head because you're too lazy to become informed and speak your own thoughts.

As long as we have the right to voice our own opinion, we should exercise that right - and often. What is so sad is that I can see that right becoming more restricted, and that is scary. That must not happen! If you truly have something to say, then speak up. Speak with your own words, not the "rehearsed words" of "your" party. Speak what you believe in your own heart. Say it with honest conviction and not utter repetitive rhetoric you've heard before. But most importantly, let us listen to each other and be respectful of each other as we participate in an honorable conversation.

Until the next time I need to unload my thoughts.....

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