Friday, August 21, 2009

Changing the Law to Suit King Kennedy

The gall of some people! Senator Ted Kennedy sent a letter of petition to Massachusetts lawmakers for the governor to be empowered to proceed with a replacement for his Senate seat, a replacement of his choice I might add. This would require a change in the Massachusetts law. Change the law of the state of Massachusetts in regard to representation due to a possible inability for a senator to make a vote on healthcare? Handpick your successor for the next few months and delay due process of special election? Give me a break!

Let me see... oh yeah. The law used to say that the governor picked the successor. But when Mitt Romney was governor and John Kerry was running for President, the Democrats didn't want Romney selecting a successor should Kerry win. So they got the law changed. The House minority leader Bradley H. Jones Jr. pointed out that that if Massachusetts had a Republican governor at the moment, he doubts Kennedy would have presented the same letter.

"The hypocrisy is astounding,’’ said Jones. "If this institution supports the change, it is clearly a corrupt institution. It’s not making judgments based on what’s best for the whole Commonwealth, but based on what’s best for one political party.’’ Duh! Ya think?

Jones had been part of the Republican minority in the House in 2004 which sponsored an amendment to allow the governor to make an interim appointment in event of a Senate vacancy. It failed by a 44-to-104 vote. Now, Kennedy is suggesting that they return to allowing the governor to pick the interim appointment until the special election can be held.

I'm sorry for his health condition, but the Lion of the Left knows he's dying, and has for some time. He knows there's no recovery for him, just an extension of time for the inevitable. So, why didn't he resign and let the special election proceed some time ago? In my opinion, the answer centers around this proposed healthcare reform and his desire to champion it through his protege' Obama.

So, NO, Mr. Kennedy. Either take a chance it will be one of your good days should the vote come up before you pass on, or resign your position right now and let the people select your replacement immediately, but don't re-write the law of Massachusetts to suit your own personal preferences! Bad idea and really bad precedence!

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