Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Devaluing the Devalued Dollar

While we're being distracted by the hugely important issue of healthcare reform, and the raucous townhall meetings, the present administration is taking yet another gigantic leap in weakening the US on a different front. This time it's our dollar - again! And they're doing it on the sly. Here's what has happened last week while we focused on the townhall meetings:

Isn't that scary? And sneaky?

I wonder... what happened to the promised transparency? I haven't seen a single instance of it in this new administration, not one instance.

I must say I believe that the simultaneous bombardment on many fronts that is being perpetuated by the present administration has been strategically designed to push through changes which are intended to bring down this great country. But why?

Why would anyone who proclaims to be an American and who says they love this country want to see it brought to its knees? It's not just one man's insanity or evil as it was with Hitler or Stalin. It's one "front" man who is backed by liberal legislators, championed by the liberal media, surrounded by left-wing activists, leftist extremists, and out-and-out criminals (these people are called czars, now).

If this great country falls, it's not to the benefit of anyone... not to anyone on the right or on the left. So other than having the "power" of being able to interject their liberal philosophies into our government as a replacement of our Constitution, I cannot see any advantage to any of these who are doggedly perpetuating this national sell-out.

I can only pray that this country can hold on without permanent damage until those who seek her destruction are removed from office and positions of power and those who love the country and want to restore her to greatness can be found and put into office in place.

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