Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pelosi' HR3962 Is Worst Socialist Legislation - Ever!

If you're looking for more deficit spending and higher taxes for everyone, increased costs for insurance coverage, rationed care (particularly for elderly and the sick), a long waiting period for coverage under the new healthcare plan for those with pre-existing conditions, and "creative" (if not illegal) Congressional accounting, then The Pelosi healthcare bill has it all! The health bill she unveiled last Thursday (and which President Obama quickly proclaimed a "critical milestone") is probably the worst piece of socialist legislation ever introduced and, quite frankly, forced upon Americans.

Rumor has it that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said to her fellow Democrats that she is "all in" and prepared to lose seats in 2010 if that's what it will take to pass ObamaCare. Well, if that's the case, I say let her's be the first one to go! (No single person should have as much power as she THINKS she has. She's got the representatives in the House by the -- well, she'd got them literally dominated!)

The Democrats under Pelosi's dictatorship leadership are no longer even making the pretense of wanting "bipartisan" support for this bill. Instead they are using pure political power plays to shove through what is probably an unrepealable middle-class entitlement that will continue to expand over time and raise taxes steeply. This ObamaCare will expand government control of healthcare, and that means that all medical care will be administered through the Congress - what kind of healthcare, how much healthcare, who gets it and who doesn't, how much it costs, etc. Do you really want some other Congressman or Senator from some other state having a say in meeting your health care needs?

It is almost beyond comprehension that the Democrats have begun such a purely political power play, especially with the unpopularity of their own agenda. People from all political positions are expressing great concern over this governmental seizure of this large portion of the nation's economy. But the goal of these liberal (and wimpy moderate) Democrats is to ram through this part of Obama's overall income-redistribution plan. It's all about gaining more CONTROL in every aspect of American lives.

Congress claims that HR 3962 is "universal coverage" - but keep in mind they have admitted that it's still NOT going to cover everyone. The actual result if this is passed will be destruction of the world's best healthcare system, of our country's fiscal stability, of private industries, of opportunities for prosperity, and ultimately, the personal freedoms fo every American.

This proposed legislation that Pelosi is ramming through the House with super-sonic speed costs considerably more than it was supposed to. It costs even more than the HR 3200! And again, it doesn't even offer healthcare to everyone - as the Obama campaign promised. It does NOTHING to change the things that are wrong with the present system. Instead it creates the framework for even more problems -- in spades! And further, as we have seen time and time again, the estimated costs of government programs are always only a portion of its actual costs. This bill was supposed to come in at around $900 billion or Obama wouldn't sign it. But it's now well over $1 trillion at this writing and he doesn't sound hesitant at all in his praises of this bill! (Some have calculated that over 10 years, this bill will have a price tag of $2.4 trillion!)

(Note: Remember how Obama used the "Republicans/Bush's deficit" as a talking point in his campaign and how he was going to turn it around... well, instead he has created a mountain of debt that makes the Bush deficit look like a tiny blip on the deficit screen - and he isn't through - the Cap and Tax is working its way through the Senate now!)

"House Call" on Washington

Tens of thousands of people marched on the House on Thursday at noon to protest this healthcare legislation. (Interesting how no one will give a solid estimate of how many people there really were, but it was literally a sea of people encompassing the Congressional buildings. But if Code Pink were to stage a protest, they'd have a pretty good headcount and post that amount (times 100 - or 1000!) Regardless, the message from these people is that this bill is a piece of crap! If you asked people in that group if they believed that we need healthcare reform, most of them would say that we do. However, they don't want an overhaul. They would tell you, "Let's fix what is wrong with the one we have!"

Sure our present system has flaws - that is something that no one disputes. But we have identified where the problems are and everyone in Congress knows where they are. The FIRST flaw is that we don't have a cap on non-economic compensation when there is a malpractice lawsuit. Everyone also knows that the lobbyists for trial lawyers have paid off most if not all of our lawmakers. Suspiciously, this is the one segment of professionals that have had absolutely no comment or been seen taking a position during this hotly contested debate, but if we really fixed what was wrong with our present healthcare system, they certainly have a dog in the hunt.

Like Rats From a Sinking Ship! (After the public spoke in NJ and VA!)

The voices of the "tens of thousands" is being heard, though. The Blue Dogs saw what happened in Virginia and New Jersey last week. On the heels of that demonstration, they saw how quickly a very large group of people could be called to and attend a march on Congress. Now, they're considering their options. Some are wring their hands moaning, "What to do, what to do." The question is are they more afraid of Nancy Pelosi - or their constituents! Will they "walk the plank" for Ms. Pelosi and the trial lawyer lobby?

Not only are the Blue Dogs in a quandary about which side they're willing to commit to, the members of AMA (American Medical Association) who Obama proclaimed again this week supported his Obamacare, are now saying that the AMA should not be supporting the House's health care plan because the issue of endorsement hadn't been formally approved by the membership.

Actually, it was a board of trustees for the AMA that made the endorsement without taking an official vote among the members of the organization. This week, there's been some developing outrage among AMA members who feel like this endorsement was made against the general consensus of the AMA’s members. So, in a few days, probably on Monday, the members will cast a vote on a resolution that could officially reverse the AMA's Obamacare endorsement. (Note: If Pelosi gets her way this weekend, though, it's too late in the game to be withdrawing a much-publicized endorsement and would be nothing less than a token gesture. Where have the AMA members been all this time??? Have they, too, seen the handwriting on the wall?)

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