Saturday, November 14, 2009

Abortion in a Legislative Disappearing Act

Now you see it, now you don't, now you see it....  First abortion coverage was included in the House healthcare bill, then it was until Stupak Amendment clarified that it would not be covered, and then ...

In regard to whether this Healthcare Bill will or will not contain government-funded abortion, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), who is the Democrats’ chief deputy whip, says that there's no doubt that the "last minute insertion" of the Stupak anti-abortion amendment to the House's recently passed Healthcare Bill HR3962 will be stripped out when the bill comes back to the House in its final form from the Senate.

The Liberal Democrats planned to use the Stupak amendment as only a ploy to appease the Moderate
Democrats, and snagged the single, turncoat Republican in the end who voted for the bill based primarily on that restriction to the bill. These pro-abortion Democrats in the House knew they'd ultimately have another chance to get that government-funded abortion slipped back into the final healthcare bill. You can look for it to happen most likely late at night, on the weekend and/or in the very late night hours with a super fast move to a final vote.

Now, you would think that those "moderates" who went ahead and voted for HR 3962 after the Stupak amendment would know that - I mean even I can see it coming! But that, folks, is how Washington plays the game and all the members of Congress will feign "horror" at such a move when they're in front of media cameras and microphones! This is typical of so many maneuvers that are commonplace in Washington. Both sides of the aisle play it, and the side that is not in power is always crying "foul" when these are used by the side that is in the majority. Don't you love hypocrisy?

I wish someone would make an exhaustive list of the tactical procedures and/or "playing instructions" (with all their twists and turns including terminology - or what I call politi-speak) to this Washington Game so the most ignorant American would have the opportunity to learn how to recognize it. Then people could contact their Congressmen and say, "Whoa! I know what you guys are up to. You're doing this and that, and I don't like it!"

Here are a few I've noticed:

1. After a meeting, never appear alone in front of cameras to make comments; having a crowd standing behind you adds credibility to your futility.
2. Be vague when talking; never say anything in simple terms, stutter or stammer if you have to buy you "thinking time" to evade difficult questions and don't give a direct answer - even better, change the subject.
3. Never say what you mean; you might be held accountable.
4. Coin a new phrase; it makes you sound so intelligent.
5. Never refer to the Constitution as authority to cover your political view; it's never there.
6. Place all blame on the opposing party for the same tactics that you have used in the past to push your own agendas and make the opposition look as ridiculous as you did when you espoused it.

And there are many more. Start your own list. You can share with me, if you like!

So, watch for what comes out of the Senate. Let's see how many pages are either taken out or added to this already hefty bill (at 4 reams of paper presently!) Don't forget to contact your Senators and let them know you're tired of being lied to, you're tired of back-room deals, you're tired of pork, and that you won't turn a blind eye to their shinanigans any more. (Even Obama knows what THAT word is!)

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