Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama’s Promises to Not Raise Taxes on Middle Class – YOU LIE!

If you were actually stupid enough to believe what Obama promised as far as who was going to pay for all this socialist programs, you will VERY SHORTLY be feeling the full impact of your stupidity. Why? Because YOUR taxes are going up. Yes, YOURS! And you probably aren't in the bracket of $250,000 annual income bracket. Check this out.... and see who's going to be financing Obama's programs: Taxes are on the rise.

The White House, I'm sure, didn't want this information out. They haven't even constructed their political "spin" yet to "sell it to the masses." However, Reuters put out an article from which the information in the link above comes. But mysteriously, the article was immediately pulled. This is not the FIRST time that some unfavorable reporting on what's really going on with this Administration has been squelched. Who's pulling the plugs on these news items - and more importantly, WHY? It would stand to reason that it's probably because the Obama administration has seen what happens when concerned citizens find out the truth and share it with one another. They get angry. They get together. They make a difference. And they put the brakes on those runaway programs. A case in point is what happened to Obamacare.

So, now that you have read what lies ahead for your tax situation, share that information with others and let's see what will happen when concerned Americans take on Obama's agenda once more.

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